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Polylaminate capsules for still wine and spirits, suitable both for standard and special diameters. These closures can be customized with rotogravure and hot stamping decorations in perfect accordance with the set of elements that make up the bottle packaging.


  • Pre-engraved EASY OPENING
  • Separation ring

Raw Materials

Aluminium-polyethylene-aluminium (polylaminate) coupling foil, co-extruded in standard thickness.


We create any customized colour according to customer requirements.

Click to download the standard colour card for Polytech capsules


Performed in rotogravure up to 6 colours, in addition to the background one, or up to 3 hot stamping colours.

Eco 3.1 products are easily recognizable by the customized logo, printed many times in the inner side.

Dimension and Technical Sheet

Diameter of the top from 27 to 34.5 mm.
Length from 40 to 75 mm.
Variable taper according to the sizes.

Download the technical sheet

Top Disc

Sheet of colored aluminium, welded in various thicknesses, with or without breather holes. It can be decorated by dry relief decorations and/or embossed or smooth hot stamping.


Product packaged in cardboard boxes placed on pallets and protected by extensible film. The capacity of the box is about 4500 pieces divided into slats.


The materials used in the manufacture of our products are guaranteed by our suppliers and meet the more restrictive limits required by current regulations.

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