We have obtained this capsule by using the best technologies: TINHYBRID® is a polylaminate capsule for still wine and spirits. Material is thicker compared to the standard and represents a good alternative to the deep-drown tin closures.

The perfect cohesion between the materials gives an extraordinary ductility and softness to TINHYBRID® capsules, that allows an easier and more precise application both on standard and special bottles with large diameters.

Exclusively for these new capsules, we have created the “SERIES Nº 1” of “GRAND CRU” colours catalogue. They are traditional colours but with very intense shades obtained through new stamp technologies and more passages of special inks. The result is a deep colour which can be compared to tin closures painted by spray.

The new range of “GRAND CRU” colours consists of 12 intense and bright shades, thanks to the lacquered shiny effect made from new rotogravures varnish system.

Below, the 12 exclusive colours that refer to high-quality red and white wines of the Bordeaux and Burgundy French regions:

Red Bordeaux MA N. 1

Red Bordeaux SE N. 2

Red Bordeaux PA N. 3

Red Bordeaux PO N. 4

Red Bordeaux SJ N. 5

Red Bourgogne EC N. 6

Red Bourgogne VR N. 7

Red Bourgogne CC N. 8

Red Bourgogne RS N. 9

Beige Bourgogne PM N. 10

Yellow Bourgogne ME N. 11

Yellow Bourgogne MO N. 12

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